Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Egg Tech = Hi Tech

Last Saturday when i was on my way back to my father in-law's house, i saw a lorry with the company's advertisement on the vehicle body. What ?! Egg Tech ? Frozen egg ? What on earth is this ? Eggs are supposed to be eaten fresh and it gets rotten very fast and easily.

How can it be frozen and extend its life span ? OMG ... i was thinking ... all these years i'd been eating cakes and breads made of frozen eggs. Gardenia wholemeal bread was my regular my have in the kitchen and not to forget those fancy restaurants and cafes that serve pretty petit desserts. No wonder our new generations have such a short life span and a list of diseases and sickness.

When i reach home, i quickly googled for the company's product to get in-depth details into what is all this. Hmm... they're the first manufacturer of pasteurized egg products in Malaysia. These are their products :-

(a) Liquid Egg Yolk
 Plain yolk 5% salted egg yolk Description Egg yolks separated from farm fresh eggs, pasteurized, chilled and frozen Ingredients Plain: egg yolk only Application For salted egg yolk ...

(b) Hardcooked Egg
Farm fresh eggs, boiled, peeled and vacuum packed. Ingredients Whole boiled eggs. ..

(c) Liquid Egg Whole
 Product Chilled or frozen liquid whole egg Description Whole egg pulp produced from farm fresh eggs, pasteurised, homogenised, chilled or frozen Ingredients 100% whole egg ....

Shelf Life
Chilled: Use within 7 days of manufacture.

Frozen: Will keep up to 12 months from date of manufacture under frozen storage. After thawing, the product will remain stable for up to 2 days under refrigerated conditions between 1 ° C and 4 ° C.

After reading all this information, i vowed to bake my own cakes and breads as often as i can so as to minimise eating outside. I can't imagine what other stuff is added during the manufacturing process. I seldom buy cakes and breads from night market coz i know that for the price that they're selling, they will have to substitute so many main ingredients for some low cost items which i have no idea what is it, especially those fluffy bread and chiffon, where u won't feel full after eating the whole chiffon by yourself.
If only Malaysians are knowledgeable enough, then there will be a market for home made cakes and breads. I was told that in Australia, people are buying home made products from housewives as they believe in the ingredients used rather than manufacturing products that used a lot of China made ingredients.
So please be wise in eating and knowing what kind of ingredients used will help to keep a healthy life.


wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... said...

Actually... I don't really mind if they are pastuerized and used within the recommended period of time. It's just like milk powder, made into a form more consumer friendly, and I won't want to milk my own cow :)

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Hello,I have always known that the commercial cake houses uses these 'substitutes'. In fact in Singapore, the Ministry of Health mandates that they use such products,fresh eggs are not allowed, I think. This is a really interesting article.

samsam said...

Looks like i'm the only person not knowing the existence of such products ;) But it really amuse me of how high tech the industry has become. "Shirley" - Maybe pasteurised food has lower risk of food poisoning compared to fresh one that's easily exposed to bacteria.

wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... said...

I left you a reply regarding tofu and tofufah in my post.
Hope you'll be back to read it.

IMO, tofu from wet market is worse than tofufah.